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If you decided to get a kitten: a home pet or a future champion

Therefore, you have decided to get British shorthaired kitten. First, it is necessary to think for what purpose you buy it: whether you will keep it at home, as the usual domestic cat, or you will take part in shows and breeding.

Kittens can be of the following classes:

  • Pet: a category of a home pet which is meant only for houses and has no right to participate in shows and breedings
  • Breeding: animal for breeding
  • Show: animal of show-quality high class, which is made high demands to.

The price of the kitten depends on its class to which it belongs. The most expensive one is a Show-class kitten, as it is the best representative of the breed, which can take part in shows.

The future owner of British shorthaired should know that there are only two categories of males: either Pet, or Show, Breeding is out. The females can be referred to any of three categories.

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We used some materials from the books by .V. Dobrova British shorthaired cats and by John and Caroline Bower Your cat: practical advice and recommendations for care.

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