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If you have a cat, you do not simply come back home but to your cozy nook
Pam Brown

MAGIC SMILE began at that moment, when we have got a small teddy bear like British shorthaired kitten of a show - class FARAON KING PARADISE. Simultaneously with his occurrence, there was a huge interest to the breed of British shorthaired and a huge love to our pet. This feeling became stronger while our pet was growing up demonstrating with dignity better qualities and character traits of a real British cat, which were described only in the books.

Our cattery is called MAGIC SMILE and that is not without a purpose, as to my and other breeders' mind our pets can smile. If you treat your pet good and look closely, you'll see its pretty smile. Only British shorthaired can smile like this!

I wish the magic smiles of your pets warmed your souls and hearts making your life kinder and brighter!

MAGIC SMILE specializes in breeding of thoroughbred British shorthaired having respectable European catteries as our partners.

  • Black Lake, Joufflu, v.d. Kraayenberg, BAGOAS (Holland)
  • COPPINS, MISSKIN (Great Britain)
  • Wernerwald,Tonkay, SILVER RIVER (Germany)

All the pedigrees of the sires contain only 100 % thoroughbred British shorthaired.

The main goal of our cattery is to have healthy and High-quality posterity!

If you buy a kitten in our cattery, you'll be guaranteed to have high-class animal with excellent appearance and real British character (cose these are the things which are founded at a genetic level).

Even if you buy a kitten without the plans to it you had better buy a thoroughbred animal daily enjoying with magnificent qualities and the power of your British shorthaired cat.

Believe us that you'll be disappointed much more with a low quality than enjoy with a low price!

The cattery of British shorthaired MAGIC SMILE is registered
in the European association of cat fanciers (ECU) in 2003 and in WCF in 2006.

In 2011 our cattery is registered in system FIFe under name LV*O'Melis MgSmile (club REBUSS, Riga, Latvia).

Phone: +7 (925) 37-590-67; mob. +7 (926) 88-141-08

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