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If your male behaves very tom-like

I place the article of Tatiana Sertun on my site not without a purpose. It seems to contain very useful information for the breeders and simple owners of cats. I understand that when a male starts behaving very tom-like it turns to be very troublesome to the owners. I do not have such problems with my male, and I did not try this method against this problem, but talked to some breeders, who did and succeeded. Read this article and perhaps it will help you!

I have 4 fully fledged pubescent males; none of them marks the cat territory.

At first, you should understand the reason of such a behavior of your cat. Believe me he does it not to get you angry or to revenge. It is his natural instinct to guard his territory. As though he gives to know all other cats that can encroach on this territory: "I AM A CHIEF-CAT HERE". As for wild cats, not all of them behave like this. They follow hierarchies of family very strictly, therefore only the chief-cat has such a right. If youngsters dare to act like this it will be treated like a revolt, attempt to occupy a place of a "chief". Thus, if you want to make your pet stop marking you should prove that he is far from being a boss here, as you are the head (and, that is why you will mark your territory).

What should you do? A cat will never understand your shouts, and especially the blows of your slipper or broom. Do not stick his nose into his urine - as he is likely to remember: "This is my smell it means that I should do it here". If you found your cat with his shaking lifted up tail and some drops of stinking secretion flow down a wall or a door, it is high time to hold resolute negotiation in feline language.

Seize him by the scuff of the neck and lift him up. Usually cats draw in a tail and pose as a kitten. Good, that is all right. If he tries to escape - hold him tighter, the procedure will take some minutes. Ask someone to help you to hold him. Now you should recollect three things. Do you remember how cats hiss before a fight? Train beforehand, the sound should remind something average between "f", sh and "h". Now recollect how cats beat with their forepaw; in boxing, it is called "hook". Third, that you should recollect (and most important - you should believe in it - for cats perceive not only what we say, but also what we feel through smells we excrete; in this case, there should be "a smell of anger"): that you are a chief-cat, you guard your territory and this tomcat tries to dethrone you. Have recollected? Have believed? Have become angry? Start hissing and spitting to this cat, alternating it with "hooks" from the left and from the right touching this cheeky muzzle with your fingertips. (No matter how you are offended with spoiled wallpaper, weight your force).

He will close eyes, and try to turn away; do not stop "guarding your territory" until he starts mewing. As soon as he mews let him off. Take into account that he who looked aside first - he has surrendered! Look in his eyes steadfastly and do not look aside. Remark your territory as it would do your cat. Certainly, nobody asks you to do the same to the letter, as it is just impossible physiologically, but you can wash off all the stinking places and wipe them with yours T-shirt that you wore all the day long (or had some physical exercises in a gymnasium). A rag that you carried for 30 minutes under your armpit or your filthy socks will have the similar effect. Ladies can use some perfume with strong and permanent aroma.

Probably, you should repeat this procedure several times, but the result will surprise you. A cat beaten with a slipper will take offence at you for some time and will not come to you to purr, even can piss into your footwear but that one who was punished cattishly really begins considering you as someone like very large and very strong cat that is strict and fair.

Tatiana Sertun

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