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The owner of the cattery Magic Smile, register 153 from 03/03/2004 Omelchenko O E, hereinafter referred to the Breeder, on the one part, and_______ _______________________________________, hereinafter referred to the Buyer, on the other part, have concluded the present Contract for the following:

1. Subject of the contract:

The Breeder gives and the Buyer takes an animal:




Date of Birth____________________________________________



Individual Register Number _____________________







2. Terms of sale

The Breeder transfers the animal at the age of ---- years, ---- months, ---- days, in a good state of health for the moment of sale. The animal should be taken up the preventive measures of helminthes.______________________________.

The Breeder for the moment of the sale should guarantee the Show-class quality of an animal, if a kitten was recognized as such, and affirm the absence of any visual genetic defects. However, the Breeder takes no liability for the further physical development and show career of kitten.

If the Breeder has sold a kitten of Breed-class, the Buyer cant raise claims to the Breeder in case of non-satisfactory show career.

If the Breeder has sold a kitten of Pet-class, the Buyer undertakes to sterilize an animal not later than 8 months after the date of the sale and not to use it in breeding. If the Buyer breaks this rule, he/she should pay the fine of the price of an animal.

The Buyer undertakes to take care of the kitten and watch its well-being.

The Buyer undertakes to make annual inoculations against Chlamydeous, Calicivirosis or calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, and Rabies.

The Buyer undertakes to follow the recommendations of the Breeder concerning care, keeping and feeding.

The Buyer undertakes to bring a kitten to the Vet in proper time.

The Buyer undertakes not to re sell, not to give as a present, not to lease, not to let it to the asylum or such kind of the institutions. He/she should inform the Breeder in case of having no possibility to take care of a kitten in a proper way (The Breeder has the right to be the first to buy if the Buyer makes up his/her mind to sell a kitten).

The Buyer undertakes neither to carry out him/herself nor by other persons any laboratory research manipulations on a kitten.

The Buyer has no right to transfer an animal into a clinic to be operated on the nail phalanxes of an animal's fingers.

The Buyer undertakes not to cross a kitten until the age of 10-month.

In case of dissatisfaction with an animal, defects in physical development of a kitten, its death, or in the case of a theft the Buyer has no right to demand the refund from the Breeder or any other indemnification.

If the Breeder has noticed an animal in a bad physical condition, or that it was exposed to obvious physical violence, an animal with all by its registration and show documents should be returned to the Breeder without any compensations.

The Buyer becomes the owner from the moment of signing the given contract and the receipt of an animal from the Breeder.

The Buyer shoulders the responsibility for the health and keeping of an animal from the moment of signing the contract.

3. Terms of payment

The parties agree that the price of a kitten is _________ USD (Eur).

The Buyer effects payment before the signing of the Contract.

4. Other conditions

The Breeder transfers an animal to the Buyer with the following documents:

1. Pedigree

2. Veterinary passport

3. Instructions on care and feeding

The signature of the Buyer under the given contract confirms that he/she has read the given contract and accepted it conditions.

The contract is made in duplicate, having identical legal force.

The signature of the Buyer

Nameplate data of the Buyer: _____________________________

Contacts of the Buyer:___________________________________

The signature of the Breeder:_____________________________

Contacts of the Breeder: _________________________________

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