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Castration and sterilization

If the owner is not going to be a breeder it is better to castrate or to sterilize the pet. This operation will facilitate not only the life of the owner, but that of the cat either. It is known, that the castrated male looses the weight and even get various diseases. A female exhausted with annual heats neither feels better. The sterilization also influences the tom-like behavior of a male. It is not necessary to explain how this operation can facilitate the life of the owner. Females after surgical intervention don't have heats no more.

An animal not less than 8-9 months can be operated on. However, it is necessary to discuss all the details with your veterinary in each case. An animal undergoes the operation under anesthetic and usually it has no negative consequences Males have such an operation easier than females. Due to its position, the testicles are removed easier. In the process of the sterilization, the veterinary opens the abdominal cavity of a female.

An animal needs some more days to recover completely. It is a usual case when after such operations animals behave like kittens, they become more playful. Females become more attached to the owner.

There is a wrong view that a castrated or sterilized animal grows fat. Certainly, if you overfeed your recently operated pet it can have tendency to corpulence. However, at the reasonable approach this problem is easy to overcome. Nowadays all firms - manufacturers of cat forages in order to avoid this problem produce special forages for castrated animals.

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We used some materials from the books by .V. Dobrova British shorthaired cats and by John and Caroline Bower Your cat: practical advice and recommendations for care.

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