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The contents:

How to keep a mature animal

It is not so difficult to take care of British shorthaired; it does not need much time and efforts.


  • Comb hair once or twice per week, at first in the line of hair and then - against. Use a metal hairbrush for these purposes, with not scratching rounded edges or combined massage brush with natural bristle form one side, and metal edges from another. As a rule, the procedure of combing is extraordinary pleasant for cats.
  • Hairs can be deleted by wet hands (esp. at the moulting period) or with a special rubber mitt.
  • British cats need bathing only in exclusive cases, when they are dirty or after arrival from a summer cottage.


  • It is necessary to examine ears once per 2 weeks. The auricles should be clean, without bloom, rash and unpleasant smell. Clean the acoustic duct carefully and use earplugs for this purpose. A healthy animal should have light sulfur without a smell smell.
  • Sometimes there are some long hairs on the tips of the ears; they can grow in buns. They need to be removed. You should take the tip of the ear in one hand and pluck the hairs with another one.


  • The eyes of British, as a rule, do not demand some special care. Only in case when in the morning you will notice some dark bloom in the eyes of your pet, remove it with a soft rag or napkin moistened in a special solution for washing eyes. If there is some pus in the eyes that is a weighty reason for visiting the veterinary.


  • Pay special attention to the nails of a cat. They should be strong and look healthy.
  • Cut the nails as they grow. Usually once per 2-3 weeks. Nails of the forepaws grow much faster, than that of the hind paws.
  • Before cutting a nail, look at it through the light. You will see a blood vessel, don't touch it. Cut only the white edges of the nails. You can use either usual or special scissors for nails, which you can buy in a pet-shop.

How to feed an adult cat

  • There is enough to feed the adult cat 2 times per day.
  • Don't forget about water.
  • Do not overfeed your pet, because it will quickly put on weight, which badly reduces the life of cats.
  • British shorthaired are not fastidious in food. The basic requirement to feeding is the equilibration of a diet that is sufficient quantity of all necessary nutritious substances in it: fibers, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.
  • No matter what forages you use, whether they are dry, tinned or natural, all of them should be of highest quality.
  • Accustom your pet to forage of industrial manufacture gradually, as the fast replacement of natural food by artificial one can result in indigestion. Very fastidious British can eat dry or can forage in a combination to natural meat.
  • Buy dry and tinned forages only of those firms that have well recommended itself in the market. of Among the most reliable firms - manufacturers are the following:
    - Hill's (USA) a dry forage and canned food
    - Nutro (USA) a dry forage and canned food
    - Royal Canin (France) a dry forage
    - Petreet (Italy) canned food.
  • Never mix forages made by different firms.
  • Do not add mineral substances and vitamins into forages of industrial manufacture
  • Buy a forage according to age, weight, breed and energy consumption of an animal.
  • If you feed your pet with a natural forage, adhere to rules for feeding an adult animal, using a set of products listed in section How to feed a kitten. Such feeding requires vitamins and mineral substances for the adult cats.

Bad habits

If you got an adult cat that is badly brought up, or you have failed to bring it up here are some pieces of advices how to get rid of its bad habits.

  • Some British shorthaired adore stamping at the lap of the owner, showing its nails. Others stick to the clothes try to suck it. That is those kittens, which have early been taken away from the mother; their instincts of sticking to a parent breast have turned to the perverted form. To eliminate these habits, cover your knees with an aluminum foil or dense paper, press badly on pads when a cat tries to stamp. Spray eau-de-Cologne or perfume at those clothes that were chosen for sucking.
  • If your pet spoils your plants, spray them with spiced water. You can grow some plants especially for your pet for example oats, parsley. Feline mint, for example, will cause the cats delight and will distract it forever from tasteless home plants.
  • A cat jumps on a table. It is easy to get rid of this habit: you can splash water on it, put something tin on a table (for example, cans) they will fall apart and rattle at the attempt to jump on a table.

The principle to get rid of any undesirable habit of your pet is based on doing something unpleasant for it at that moment, when it is going or already does something bad. In other words, a cat should have unpleasant associations with these actions. If it is not acquired from the first time, try again.

  • The cat bites seriously. Sometimes playing of young cats can pass limits. In this case, you should simulate submission, show complete passivity. In a wild nature, it is the analogue of giving oneself up, and a cat immediately will release your hand. In addition, you can try to distract it by something at the moment, when it is going to bite. Sometimes a biting male tries to become a leader in a troop - your family. This is a rare phenomenon; it refers more often to dogs, but do not ignore this fact. Do not try to hit back - a furious cat is more dangerous than a dog. Ignore or boycott it. Your inattention will be the most terrible punishment for a cat!

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We used some materials from the books by .V. Dobrova British shorthaired cats and by John and Caroline Bower Your cat: practical advice and recommendations for care.

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