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The contents:

How to bring up a kitten

Finally, you hold in hands a long-awaited miracle just such a color that you dreamed.

The acquaintance with a new house should begin with a toilet, because a kitten can find itself what to eat and drink. As for a toilet, as well as any little child who has got in an unfamiliar apartment, a kitten can become puzzled.

Think beforehand where you will put a toilet. The place should be easily found for the kitten, well aired, and located where the floor is frequently washed, secluded in a way. Usually toilet stands in a corridor, lavatory or in the kitchen.

You should ask the breeder what kind of a toilet a kitten has got used to, and get the same in your house.

Having brought a kitten home, show a toilet to it, put it there and support it a little, if it pulls out. Then show it porringers with meal and water. Let it inspect independently its new dwelling; however constantly keep an eye on it. If it suddenly begins turning and sniffing up something on the floor, put it to its new toilet. After 2-3 times it will find the toilet without any effort, especially as British are born cissies.

This very day show a kitten its scratching post bring it several times to it and serially scratch the paws against it.

If you do not want your kitten to get on your bed, jump on a kitchen table or get to some place in the apartment, since very first days do not permit it. If you even once concede to your pet having given in to its plaintive mew, the further upbringing will be useless.

In a week or two begin to accustom your pet to such procedures, as combing, nails cutting, and hygienic procedures such as examining and cleaned. The earlier you start the better.

If your kitten gets any harmful habit it is easy to disaccustom it: almost all the cats are capable to catch change of intonation in the voice of the owner. Tell to your pet very strictly NO! if, for example, it playing it has climbed on a curtain. Quietly take it off, and, looking to its eyes, once again say by strict tone NO!. Several times will be enough to make it understood that such a behavior won't do. It is very important not to forbid everything. Decide clearly what is permissible and what is not. Do not deviate from it.

You will get success if you will be patient, intelligent and imaginative.

While bringing up a kitten, it is necessary to take into account the features of its behavior, habits and natural instincts, typical for all representatives of feline breed. Do not treat your pet like a man. Only adequate estimation of its behavior will help you to win trust and love of your pet.

Treat your pet quietly and tenderly. The normal mode of life of any cat is set up of regular feeding, daily walks and games that develop the necessary features of the behavior.

Pay special attention to the games. Try to find a little time to play with your pet. Believe me, you'll really enjoy, looking at your kitten! A playing kitten behaves precisely the same as an adult cat. Kittens perfectly imitate rebuff to an enemy, meeting with the contender, the protection of a food etc. It should be meant, that a cat is not so attached to the owner, as a dog. The most effective way to win sympathy and attachment of this animal is playing together. Neither tasty food, nor kind strokes make a man and a cat closer, if they do not play together. It is necessary to choose those games, which your kitten really likes. British shorthaired get tired physically very quickly, therefore the game should not be long.

In conclusion of this unit, I want to tell, that it is difficult enough to bring up a kitten. It demands your patience. Believe me you'll realize that it is worthy when your pet grows up. Cats live up to 12-15 years with us and it is necessary to pawn those qualities in them, which will make your cohabitation comfortable.

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We used some materials from the books by .V. Dobrova British shorthaired cats and by John and Caroline Bower Your cat: practical advice and recommendations for care.

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