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The contents:

How to feed a kitten

Kitten that is 5 months of age should be fed 4-5 times per day, then 3 times is enough.

Don't forget to give a kitten drink.

  1. Dairy porridges: oat-flakes "Extra", semolina, boiled buckwheat, boiled soft rice. It is possible to mix porridges with meat in a proportion one to three.
  2. Sour milk products: curds "Agoosha", kefir, bio-yoghurt, ryazhenka (sour baked milk), curdled milk - you can look what your pet prefers.
  3. It is better to give cream instead of milk, (for example, "Agoosha").
  4. Give yolk 1-2 per week (either boiled, or raw mixed with cottage cheese and porridge). Quail eggs are very useful for a kitten. You can give them instead of chicken ones, or mix them with curds. Quail eggs is very nutritious product and useful for a growing organism.
  5. Boiled meat of a hen or a turkey (white meat of the brisket). It is possible to give it raw, but before you should douse it by boiled water.
  6. The meat of a beef, low-fat meat of mutton, lamb, rabbit - raw or boiled (douse the raw meat with boiled water!). At the age of 3 months slices of meat are cut as if for a....... after 4 months - as if for goulash.
  7. No saline boiled low-fat fish (cod, Peter's fish, a hake's fillet), boiled pilled shrimps - no more than once per week.
  8. You can also give a kitten some cheese (without spices).

All the listed products should be alternated.

The volume of food should be not less than 50gr or two tablespoons for a meal. It is necessary to increase gradually the volume of food, little by little till 6 months. Then feed your pet according to its appetites. If a kitten didn't eat the portion, it is necessary to take a food away in 30-40 minutes to prevent it from being off.

Rich pork, smoked products, sugar, salt, fish and bird with bones should be excluded from the ration.

If you feed your kitten according to the previous diet then since 1, 5 months you should also include vitamins for kittens "KITZYME" - 1 tablet per day. Besides, you can give vitamins with calcium KALSIUM 2000 - 1/3 of coffee-spoon per day or "STRESS" - on the tip of a knife once per day.

There is a second way to feed kittens - high-quality canned food and dry forages. In this case, use only forages of super-premium class. Hills (USA) manufactures it for kittens younger than 1 year. In addition, you can use Royal Kanin K-34 (France). Dry forages are better for kittens not less than 5-6 months. You should give it little by little, controlling the reaction of a kitten's bowels. Don't give dry forages of different firms at the same time. Having chosen forage, do not change more than once per year. Never give dry forage with dairy products.

From canned food, choose chicken, fish, canned food with game, but not containing heart, liver, kidney, because the hair of an animal can darken.

If you feed your kitten with a dry forage and canned food, do not give vitamins and mineral supplements, since these forages are completely balanced.

First days after changing the house, a kitten can refuse of food and toilet. Don't worry! At first do not give it raw meat and cottage cheese, you'd better give it some boiled fish or hen. When a kitten disgorges and you'll make sure that it does regularly you can start feeding it according to the complete program. If a kitten stays at your place already for 3 days but doesn't disgorge give it liquid paraffin (1 tea-spoon twice per day).

Either give it from a syringe or add into the food.

Consider the question of feeding seriously and thoroughly, as the further development, health and appearance of your pet depends on it!

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We used some materials from the books by .V. Dobrova British shorthaired cats and by John and Caroline Bower Your cat: practical advice and recommendations for care.

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