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If you decided to get a kitten: male or female

If you intend to get an animal of a Pet-class, we advise you to choose a male for the following reasons: first, on their biological essence males as a rule are much tenderer than females and become attached to new owners very quickly. Second, your pet won't have posterity and you should relieve him of problems connected with reproduction. You see an entire male or non-sterilized female will make something terrible from your quiet life, something what you will recollect with shudder. By surgical intervention, it is much easier to calm down a male than a female. A male as a rule, forgets what happened to him in day. The owners suffer much stronger. As for females it is necessary and even more safely than tablets and injection to sterilize your female. However, this operation on abdominal cavity is more complicated, and after the operation, you should hold your female in special cloth for 10 days to prevent her from cracking threads and licking seams.

If you want to enter the famous company of the breeders of British shorthaired, it is necessary to think of the following. If you take a female, she will unambiguously let you know about her passionate desire to become the mum on reaching the appropriate age. You will have to select a male for her taking into account all the merits and demerits of your pet then take her to crossing and pay for it, later you will worry during all her pregnancy and even more during the delivery. Then you will keep an eye on newborns, feed them when necessary, and make them get used to a toilet, to teach them some good sense together with the cat - mum. Nevertheless, what can be compared to a charming and attractive female that is proud to demonstrate her kittens to you! And these fluffy creatures! As they will be growing up the strongest disappointment will be the fact that you can't leave them for ever at your house.

If you have decided to get a male take into account that, you will have problems of other sort. While growing up he begins to behave very tom-like indoors. It is useless to swear at him, punish, as he doesnt rowdy-dowdy, or demonstrate his nasty character that is natural. It is not necessary that he will do it all the year round but it usually occurs approximately once per 2-3 months - it is individual for each male. Our male, for example, does it only to the toilet tray and it is sharper than usual smell that let us know it. Therefore, clean the toilet of you pet more often in these periods. As far as I know, such feature is inherited at a genetic level from the sire to the son and so on. However, whatever your male will be you will have a huge, powerful golden-eyed handsome with a gentle voice that will attract admired cat fanciers at shows.

Therefore, it's up to you to choose!

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We used some materials from the books by .V. Dobrova British shorthaired cats and by John and Caroline Bower Your cat: practical advice and recommendations for care.

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