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Think twice before buying a cat

If you have decided to take a cat to the house, think twice the alive. A cat is a live being not similar to a soft toy or porcelain statuette. Buying a cat, you should realize the responsibility you shoulder at this moment. You will have to not only feed, water, play, bring up, and cure your pet. One more thing.

Think and answer such question: what relations do you prefer? Do like giving commands, are you pleased, when everyone implicitly obeys to you, can't stand objections, then a cat is not for you. A cat does not bear dictatorship, compulsion, rough hails. It is not silly, but not always considers your orders necessary to carry out. But if you appreciate friendship and trust, respect equal partnership then a cat is an animal for you! Moreover, how much pleasure it can bring to your life! It adds special warmth, coziness, and charm to any house. It consoles in a sorrow, is pleased together with you to your joys and shares her good spirit with you. It is difficult to remain sad, when your fluffy darling, having found some toy, suddenly begins headlong rushing around a room, fluffed up its tail, mewing and roaring, as a tiny tiger on a hunt, dexterously throwing its prey into the air and catching it, as a real basketball player, and thus managing to purr aloud.

Sometimes there is a desire to ask, why they love us so much? And love us genuinely, as none of animals will pretend and dissemble, they are not able to this, and that is one more reason of their attractiveness. A cat doesn't mind your appearance, your age, what is your salary or education. It loves you, because you are its friend, and in our world, unfortunately, there is not so much disinterested love. They meet us, when we come back home, come up and look at us with their huge golden eyes, purr gently, as though speaking: Well at last you are at home! . And this golden glance adds a little bit of sun to your house, troubles are forgotten, no headache. And you desire to thank them for it! managing to purr aloud. Such a show will amuse anyone.

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We used some materials from the books by .V. Dobrova British shorthaired cats.

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