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Character and conduct of British shorthaired

British shorthaired the name of the breed itself speak about strength, tenacity, aristocracy, endurance, gentleness and unbending character of an animal.

British are communicative, amicable and delicate. They are on friendly terms with all members of the family; their love to the owner is selfless. Usually it follows you wherever you go until you sit down and find this creature at your side.

Being very patient, British shorthaired are fond of children; get on with other pets, dogs as well. Still you should not take this animal as a toy. They do not stand the attitude too familiar; though love their owner very much.

These cats are very independent that is why not you own them but rather they own you. They do what they want to do. British shorthaired are very kind with those who like them, and get on well only with those pets that do not bother them.

British cat resembles a teddy bear to us, but do not treat it like a toy. It stands everything that does not hurt its dignity. If you somehow hurt it, you will see the sharp nails hidden in the fur of the paws before. Aggression and craft are not typical for British shorthaired.

They dont like sitting in your lap, as their plush hair makes them feel hot. If you persuade it youll have it for some minutes in your lap, but dont try to force it is sure to run away.

In comparison with other cats, British shorthaired resist training. There is no need to learn it. It is witty enough to understand everything. Even the tiny kitten needs a separate toilet and some special thing to sharpen nails in this case, it will not do any harm to your interior.

They do not like when somebody hug or carry them in the arms like a baby, as they feel dependent and under control, sickening their dignity. Moreover, these big and heavy creatures do not feel comfortable without stable foothold. They are glad to be near by the owner, and follow him/ her everywhere.

British shorthaired are the symbol of peace, stability and home comfort. Such a cat prefers to live in a noiseless inn. British shorthaired are not noisy, mew quietly and very seldom.

They choose the most unimaginable places to sleep. It had better place the berth on some height, far from drafts. British shorthaired do not suffer from insomnia, though there are periods of more and less drowse in their life.

Cats are born cissy; British are not the exception. Washing takes practically a half of active time from them. Licking and washing is not only the hygienic procedure, it is also the way to find the psychological comfort, for example after some stress situation (vet examination, transport trip, etc.)

It should be mentioned that British shorthaired are very sensible to the psychological atmosphere in the house. If its negative, people quarrel and make noise, this nervousness passes to the pet, and it begin washing.

British shorthaired are active and playful, but their playing is not destructive. They adapt well to the apartment of any size, so the neighbors living previous floor wont contemplate on the noise going from above.

There are a lot of reasons why British shorthaired can be called ideal: kind look, nice character, wide color range, respectable and presentable appearance, radiating self-esteem, easy to keep, easy-tempered. All these features made this breed one of the most popular ones worldwide and in our country as well.

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We used some materials from the books by .V. Dobrova British shorthaired cats.

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