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Breed standards: British shorthaired

British shorthaired have a sound health. That is the result of the genetic work in the breeds making, its natural origin, and careful selective process.

British shorthaired evaluate in several stages. They gain their best show quality at a mature age. British shorthaired grow up very slowly: growing up until the age of four, they reach their peak at five. These cats look very nice for all their life if they are treated right; they live until 15-16 years of age.

At a mature age, a typical British male weighs 6-8 kg, sometimes even 10-12 kg. Females weighs less, they are not so massive as males.

The standards of a British shorthaired of any color and size are the following:

Body from medium to huge with broad muscular chest, massive shoulders and solid rump.

Extremities short and thick.

Paws round and strong.

Tail short (not longer than 2/3 of the body), heavy with rounded point.

Head round, massive with large scull set on the well-muscled short neck. Thick cheeks and strong chin.

Nose small, wide and straight with a slight hollow turning to forehead but without parable stop, typical for exotic breeds.

Ears short and wide at the base, slightly rounded, set apart emphasizing the outline of the head.

Eyes grand, rounded, wide opened, set apart. The same color as the hair, orange or copper as a rule. Silvery colored of cool hues and golden shaded have emerald green eyes, color pointed blue exclusively. Cats of white color may have blue, copper and other colors of the eyes.

Hair- short, thick, of thin texture, does not snug against the skin, with thick undercoat.

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We used some materials from the books by .V. Dobrova British shorthaired cats.

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